Friday, March 11, 2011

Win Breathless!

To win a copy of all five Breathless Reads books--THE ETERNAL ONES, NIGHTSHADE, THE REPLACEMENT, MATCHED, and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, just enter the form below! I'm sorry, but it's US only.

  • THE ETERNAL ONES by Kiersten Miller is a fast-paced, adventurious love story that involves reincarnation, secret societies, and fire.
  • THE REPLACEMENT by Brenna Yovanoff is a hauntingly beautiful book that scares the pants off me.
  • NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer is not about werewolves--it's about true wolves that can shapeshift into people written by a brilliant scholar who incorporate history into the tale.
  • MATCHED by Allie Condie shows us that love can break through any barrier, and the most important thing is to not go gently...
  • ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is the book that I wrote and I would really like it if you liked it. Also I think you're pretty and want to be friends with you.


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Welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks for stopping by Mindful Musings! :)

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