Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smoky Mountains

Always wonder how did smoky mountain looked like. Well obviously it will look like any other mountain. But there had to be something different right. Well finally got the chance to see the smoky mountains this summer. Went out with my family and friends… my first impression: “scary”…. well I m scared of height so yeah it will be scary….but than….my true impression of it “wow beautiful…wonder how it will look in fall…when there is changes in the color of the leaf”. Driving toward the top of the mountain, didn’t fail to observe the surroundings…wondering would I be able to see any bear or any mountain lion..Hey plp do wonder don’t you think…what really caught my eye was the stream or was it a creak …well whatever it was I sure did caught my eyes…the water was flowing slowly next to me. I really wanted to stop the car and go put my feet in the cold water. Well I am not sure if the water was cold or not but I m guessing it was cold…truly the place looked very peacefully which is exactly y I wanted to stop and just sit there for a while…wonder. Think…enjoy the moment while it lasted…all those flowers along the roadside where just beautiful….

I rolled down the window and let the wind blow right at my face……I love it when there is a gush of wind right on my face….noise of the creak. and the birds creeping…made it so relaxing…peaceful….was not afraid of the height no more…maybe because I was just busy taking pictures of the place that I pass by in my memory and camera off course….. I just wanted to look around and enjoy the moment…. there where some tunnels along the way….and what’s really funny is Whenever a car passes by the driver would honk…well I think it was because the road where steep and curvy so they wanted to let other driver know that there were cars coming along….but mostly I think they just liked the sound of the honk echo in the tunnel…it was rather funny to me all these car honking for no reason. like taking there desire of honking out in those tunnels without getting in trouble…

Finally we reached the top….where we could actually see the mountain and the road below us…than I realized how high we were at that point…also one more thing that I realized that the point where I was standing I was actually at two places at once…..”Tn and NC border line”…..the first thing that came to my mind was oh its like A Walk to remember…yeah the movie…remember how amy wanted to be in two places at ones yeah just like that….it was just great…..did take lots of pic….will surely put some of it……I enjoyed my trip to smoky…its hard to put the feeling the experiences in word..but only I know what I mean by peaceful…some time all u want to do is drive along the road don’t stop let the wind touch ur face gently and just keep enjoying the time while it last…that’s how it was for me…….


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