Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Golden Lily

Awesome giveaway at 

Giveaway: THE GOLDEN LILY by Richelle Mead

Today I have a super awesome giveaway. I have a signed Poster and copy of THE GOLDEN LILY by Richelle Mead along with some swag from the event.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Look

This is a test post to see how everything looks on my blog! I even got a new signature!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Truth About Forever

Title: The Truth About Forever
Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Speak
Date published: 2004
Type of book: Young Adult 
Pages: 374

Macy's summer stretches before her, carefully planned and outlined. She will spend her days sitting at the library information desk. She will spend her evenings studying for the SATs. Spare time will be used to help her obsessive mother prepare for the big opening of the townhouse section of her luxury development. But Macy's plans don't anticipate a surprising and chaotic job with Wish Catering, a motley crew of new friends, or ... Wes. Tattooed, artistic, anything-but-expected Wes. He doesn't fit Macy's life at all--so why does she feel so comfortable with him? So ... happy? What is it about him that makes her let down her guard and finally talk about how much she misses her father, who died before her eyes the year before? Sarah Dessen delivers a page-turning novel that carries readers on a roller coaster of denial, grief, comfort, and love as we watch a broken but resilient girl pick up the pieces of her life and fit them back together.

Review: I love the book….I love all the characters in the book ..Wes is probably my favorite. All of Dessen’s lead guy characters are AMAZING…
Dessen does a great job at bringing Macy's new friends to life: accident-prone, pregnant caterer Delia bickering brothers Wes and Bert, lively Kristy and her sister Monica "Monotone".
When I finished this book I felt: I love this book… and every time I read it I love it more. And I love the idea of a relationship like Macy and Wes’s…

I had high expectations what I read this book and I wasn’t disappointed.Sarah Dessen pulled off a worn plot with grace and an unexpected twist. The characters were easy to relate to. There were definitely moments of awe and other moments I was cheering Macy on. The meaning is great and it had me thinking about what forever really is. I’d definitely recommend The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen to anyone who enjoys books with three dimensional characters, a touch of romance, and a great plot.

What Kind of Book Are You?

So...I was visiting someone's blog...and i saw this post where you had to take a quiz to see which type of book you were...

This is my results. I think there's definitely some truth to it; I've been told before ! :) What type of book are you?

You Are Realistic Fiction

You are an outgoing person and very interested in others. You have many relationships that are important to you.
You are always willing to lend an ear to a friend with a problem. And you're even pretty good at giving advice!

Some may accuse you of loving drama, but you just seem to find yourself in the middle of it.
You are a true people person. You find the lives of others to be fascinating. You're up for hearing anyone's life story.

This is all so true.....even the drama part... :D :D :D
Want to know what type of BOOK you are? Check out this cute quiz HERE.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Win Breathless!

To win a copy of all five Breathless Reads books--THE ETERNAL ONES, NIGHTSHADE, THE REPLACEMENT, MATCHED, and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, just enter the form below! I'm sorry, but it's US only.

  • THE ETERNAL ONES by Kiersten Miller is a fast-paced, adventurious love story that involves reincarnation, secret societies, and fire.
  • THE REPLACEMENT by Brenna Yovanoff is a hauntingly beautiful book that scares the pants off me.
  • NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer is not about werewolves--it's about true wolves that can shapeshift into people written by a brilliant scholar who incorporate history into the tale.
  • MATCHED by Allie Condie shows us that love can break through any barrier, and the most important thing is to not go gently...
  • ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is the book that I wrote and I would really like it if you liked it. Also I think you're pretty and want to be friends with you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Rane from The Lit Express blog is hosting an event "WHO IS SAINT GIOVANNI?" 

Here is the information about the event from her blog. Do check it out ....

This is the very first post to announce an epic year long blogging adventure that will take place here at The Lit Express. The best way to read about this event is to click on this link, which will take you to a newsletter I created especially for this event! It really has all the particulars you need to understand what is happening and why it's happening.

I AM SO EXCITED I couldn't sleep last night. No joke!

So do you want the gist of it?
I've written a book. It's a YA paranormal romance novel that I've decided not to try and publish traditionally (via publishing house, etc). I have decided to post it on my blog in weekly installments until the whole book is available to the public for free.

Say what?

I'm doing this because it will be fun. And we all need some good fun!!!! Charles Dickens published some of his major work in installments. So did George Eliot. And now Rane Anderson will do it too.

What can you expect in the next few months? Well, it's going to take some time to prepare. I'll be posting about it regularly leading up to the very first launch day (April 11, 2011!). I'm working with a very talented artist to create a cover for the book and a new illustration for each post! I can't wait to see my characters come alive on paper!!!!

There are ways to participate in this event. But you really have to read this article for the best explanation.

AND when you sign up to participate, you are actually signing up to win prizes too. The Grand Prize will be a Kindle Graphite 6".

Here is a summary of the book, but really, please read this article that took me something like 8 hours to prepare (all last night until 5am).


Emily Edwards has snooped too far into her father’s personal affairs—affairsbeing the key word—and is sent away from home for calling him out. She is an aspiring journalist who seeks the truth behind every story—good and bad—so her dilemma is a tough one. Emily can tell her mom the truth, breaking the heart of the person she loves most. Or, she can suck it up, bend her principles, and start her junior year in the land of her Roman ancestors.

Miserable, and hating herself for not coming clean, Emily’s arrival in Florence, Italy feels like the start of a grim prison sentence. But the world gets a little brighter after she meets Giovanni. Or rather, after she meets his lips as he pulls her into his arms, kisses her, and then vanishes, leaving her with the most dangerous desire of all: curiosity.

When fate brings them together for a second time, Emily the Journalistemerges, determined to replace her curiosity with the truth. Who is this mysterious boy? Why did he kiss her and then disappear? But as Emily already knows, poking into people’s private lives doesn’t always end well.  Although some people call Giovanni a saint, others call him a devil. Emily soon discovers she’s put herself in peril just being near him. After going her whole life without making a single enemy, someone suddenly wants her dead. And her life depends on finding the answer to a single question. Who is Saint Giovanni?

That essentially would have been my query letter had I chosen to submit to agents! Now, I'm going to leave you with a couple important links:

Really, this is going to be sooooo much fun, and I hope you all see it for its potential. If you've got some time, leave me some love in a comment to share your enthusiasm! :-D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change is possible. and you Can make it happen.

The issue
every day, 22,000 children die from preventable causes. lack of safe, clean water is the second
biggest killer of these children. Right now, nearly 900 million people worldwide don’t have access
to clean water. uniCeF is doing whatever it takes to change that.
Join us
sign up as a uniCeF tap project Volunteer and help uniCeF provide safe water for children around
the world. you’ll increase your community’s awareness of global water issues and meet others like
you who want to make a difference.
How it works
during World Water Week, march 20 to 26, restaurants around the country will ask their customers
to pay $1 for the tap water they usually enjoy for free. all funds raised will support uniCeF water
and sanitation programs.
as a tap project Volunteer, you have three roles:
• Recruit and support restaurants to participate in the UNICEF Tap Project
• Promote the UNICEF Tap Project locally
• Host UNICEF Tap Project events and activities in your community
Become a Volunteer
Visit to register or email for more information.

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