Thursday, September 16, 2010


LIFE can be hard sumtime. and whoever said  the life is not fair is so true. we do what we want to do but we never think how it might effect the other person. we make frns so that we can be happy. someone who we can share our feelings to. someone who we can count on. who will be there for us when we are upset and dont know what to do. we also expect them to be with us even when we do something crazy. But it starts to hurt when someone u r very close to start to drift apart. and it hurts more when its all of the sudden and right in front of u. and it hurts more when u try to explain them what's going on and they don't understand. They just brush it off and leave. what would u do than. how would u fix it. what if this person means a lot to u. To what extent are u will to go just so that u can fix this situation. and what would u do, what would u feel if this person doesn't show any response or anything like that. its understandable that maybe he/she are busy that maybe they don't see anything wrong but wouldn't u at-least try and think that maybe what the person is saying is true. that maybe i did unintentionally ignored that person. why would a person close to u make up sumthing like this "that oh well i feel ignored, i feel left out".  If that person really is a good frns of ur than wouldn't u at-least try to talk to them, wouldn't u at-least try to response no matter how busy u r.  but than i think i shouldn't expect too much too. I never thought that frnship could be so complicated..So today i agree and maybe i will test the fact that "IF ITS MEANT TO BE THAN IT WILL HAPPEN". 


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